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Upgrade your IT Support


Choosing the right IT partner for your business

Any change comes with its challenges and potential risks. Wanting to switch your IT Provider can be a difficult decision and needs careful consideration. To help you make an informed decision we have put together a number of things to consider before proceeding.

Establish the reason/reasons for change

Unfortunately there are a number of reasons why business leaders are not satisfied with their current IT Support Provider. These could be related to poor service and communication, not getting value for their investment, provider not meeting service or technology requirements, not recommending new technology and innovative solutions, their needs are outgrowing provider capabilities, rigid support hours, SLA's not met, no transparency in reporting, not capable of resolving new issues, does not have the resources to support business transformation

Assess their readiness to meet your future needs

Establish if your current provider can offer professional IT support when and how you need it, if they have the experience and expertise to recommend innovative solutions for your changing technology needs and if they have the resources to offer a personalised, customer focus service.

Consider business disruption and risks

It is imperative that you consider the transition period and what effects would this have on staff, technology, operations and business performance overall. It is also advisable that you revise the previous agreement to ensure your ex provider will conduct a comprehensive handover.

Conduct due diligence

Should you decide to go ahead with the move it is essential that the new IT Services Provider will ensure a smooth and quick transition. Careful consideration is needed especially if you are switching all of your IT functions at the same time.

Although, a difficult decision to make, it becomes easier to manage when you have the right support from your new IT partner. As a trusted partner for 15 years we have managed numerous IT transitions for small, medium and large enterprises across different sectors and supported our clients throughout the process. Our approach is simple and straightforward:  we get to know your business by heart including infrastructure, systems, processes, technology, people and goals, design a transition plan and get to work in an instant for a smooth and fast transition.

Confident, stress-free migration

Your challenges


  • Current provider not meeting SLAs 
  • Lack of 24/7 support
  • The provider is too big or too small
  • You are not getting value for money
  • They don't have adequate tools for reporting and you don't have enough visibility
  • Can't support innovation
  • They can't keep up with your business growth 
  • Unable to solve new business issues/technologies
  • Can’t support business transformation projects


How can we help


  • we invest heavily in our own infrastructure to ensure our highly talented engineers have all the right tools to look after your systems
  • we have a shared passion for delivering the best for our clients and all of us endeavour to go the extra mile every time
  • thought through migration process 
  • we can work with your existing IT provider


Switching to IT IN BUSINESS

Three steps simple and fast migration

Listen through knowledge transfer sessions we listen and learn all about your business processes, technologies, infrastructure and skills needed to deliver on business goals
Plan we design a though through transition roadmap from your current IT service provider
Manage we take full responsibility of all we are asked to manage and provide exceptional Support as and when you need it 

Why businesses switched to us

What sets us apart from the rest is our unparalleled commitment for a long term business relationship.

Complete cover All inclusive end to end cover for all elements of your IT infrastructure 
Exceptional IT support Friendly, knowledgeable, ready to help team. We take pride in what we do best.
2 steps ahead technology Nothing but the very best of technologies. Always keeping you 2 steps ahead from the rest.
Continuous investment Continuous investment to improve our systems, tools, processes and people.
Simple and straightforward Simple and straightforward across all levels of the business.
Ownership We take ownership and responsibility very seriously. 
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