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Managed Cloud


Managed Cloud

Ensure your teams are productive and have the correct tools to collaborate effectively and work from anywhere with fast and reliable access to data and applications.

Save time and cost and achieve a lower footprint using less physical storage space for expensive onsite hardware and servers while your data is stored in highly secure data centres and you can safely access services and technologies over the Internet with Cloud computing.

Experienced in designing and implementing various Cloud Platforms such as Microsoft 365, Azure & SharePoint we can help you adopt Cloud as a cost saving and simplified alternative to your own IT Infrastructure. Have greater flexibility, easily scale up or down without compromising on security or data protection and better manage capacity and control costs.

We have the tools and technologies to migrate your business to the Cloud and our expert services will help you build a highly secure and resilient Cloud Infrastructure with minimum disruption while maintaining business continuity.

We are with you every step of the way and help you build a roadmap with the best solutions suited for your organisation. We simplify your technology at all levels and help you make the most of Cloud benefits.


  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Support
  • Managed private cloud

    • secure, dedicated, cost effective, scalable, efficient, flexible
    • high availability 
    • compliant
    • on-premise or data centre hosted

  • Managed hybrid cloud

    • fully managed
    • end-to-end service
    • integrated private and public cloud
    • 24/7 support and management
    • backup and DR

  • Managed public cloud

    • Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
    • efficient, powerful, scalable, cost-effective
    • backup & DR
    • database hosting
    • improve reliability & resilience

Cloud computing

Business benefits

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  • Reduce capital expenses and ongoing costs
  • Predictable budget
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Leverage leading-edge technology
  • Total peace of mind
  • Proven and powerful security features
  • Focus on your core business
  • Security and mobility

Cloud solutions and applications

Business Applications

Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Exchange, Microsoft 365, hosted VOIP, video conferencing 

Enterprise Mobility and Security

antivirus, anti-malware

Backup & DR

servers, storage, file sharing

Endpoint Protection

remote desktops, fibre and broadband

Cloud IT Services

Cloud Desktop

greater flexibility allowing employees to remotely access their desktop from anywhere

Colocation your own servers and equipment can be hosted in our state of the art UK based data centres  
Data Centre cost effective solution to host your data, backup and applications on our own UK state of the art data centres  
IT Migrations

for businesses embracing Cloud for the first time, we move your existing solutions to our own hosting 

IT Deployments

we install and implement Cloud solutions and help you remove on-premise servers

Microsoft 365 Migrations

data migration, configuration and end user support

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