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Cyber Security Audit


Cyber Security Audit Services

Today a reliable security infrastructure is a necessity to protecting your business against ever-evolving cyber threats. Organisations wanting to reduce exposure to cyber-crimes should start with a thorough Cyber Security Audit.  

Optimising security strategies starts with identifying current risks and vulnerabilities in your IT environment, understanding their severity and potential impact and exploring what changes could reduce exposure to cyber-attacks. A vast majority of these can be done with minimal cost.

Our independent, expert Cyber Security Assessment Services provide insight into the effectiveness of your current security efforts.  

The audit will cover key areas such as single points of failure, risk management, network security, applications, email infrastructure, and a lot more. and we test against industry leading standards.  

Our analysis and recommendations will point out essential actions to be taken to reduce your businesses risk profile, ensure compliance and protect data.  

Key benefits

  • Evaluate data flow
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Conduct risk assessment 
  • Prevent cyber crime
  • Enhance security
  • Peace of mind
  • Maximise uptime
  • Achieve full Cyber Essentials certification
  • Next generation ransomware
  • Secure your Cloud
An expert audit

All elements covered

We analyse all areas of your IT estate exposed to risk and vulnerability to cyber threats in detail to ensure your security efforts can prevent and protect your most valuable assets. 

Identity access management

multi-factor authentication & passwords


All devices endpoint management of laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.  
Business continuity data loss prevention, resilience, fast recovery  
OS & Applications access, permission, usage & monitoring   
Data security

security & encryption

All aspects of your Network firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi controllers, VPNs, etc.  
What's included

Comprehensive assessment

Microsoft Threat Check

We identify threats and vulnerabilities of your digital estate using advanced Microsoft 365 technologies and make recommendations based on findings. Includes

  • Cloud app security
  • malicious threats
  • shadow IT discovery
  • on-premise and hybrid threats
  • identity and access
  • phishing attack simulation
Zero Trust Cyber Security Assessment

We analyse your IT security maturity against a Zero Trust model using best in class technology and identify risk and vulnerability areas of your digital estate. Includes:

  • security priorities
  • mitigate risks
  • holistic view
  • expert support
  • detect live threats
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