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Managed Backup


Safeguard your mission critical data

A reliable backup plan is an absolute necessity to protect your business against accidental loss of files or system failures.  Swiftly restored systems allow for business continuity. If your data is backed up correctly, in the event of systems failure, you should be able to restore files almost instantly. 

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan will ensure your critical data is securely stored. Our expert backup and recovery services are professionally delivered no matter the type of cloud your organisation uses. In order to advise on the most suitable backup solutions for your data we take time to understand more than just your IT infrastructure and applications, we look at how your business is designed and advise on both cloud and on premise solutions. 

We fully manage backup and data restoration processes and solutions saving your teams' time spent on configurations, monitoring job completion, tape collection and issue resolution. We can help you create a backup plan in line with business restore points and recovery time objectives and constantly monitor backup performance. 

Managed backup includes

Planning – we assess the needs of your business and formulate a strategy

Implementation – we help implement, configure and test the reliability of your backups

Monitoring – proactive daily monitoring and fixes to flag and rectify failures or any issues

Your challenge

  • Ensuring successful back up and job completion 
  • Re-running failed jobs 
  • Swapping out tapes/disks and remove and maintaining data offsite
  • Restoring data and configurations
  • Time consuming repeated exercise with no immediate business value

Our solution

  • We design a plan tailored to your business
  • We backup and monitor and resolve issues as they arise
  • We can schedule tape collection and off-site storage
  • We perform restorations on regular basis
  • We offer various cloud driven solutions to back up your data and servers to our data centres or secure reliable cloud services saving you time and money without sacrificing reliability
Managed backup services

Key features and benefits

Transparent pricing  
Complete protection  
Swift backup and recovery  
Reliable and efficient  
Industry leading solutions  
24/7 support  
Reduced RTO  
Managed deployment  
Minimum disruption  

Recovery options

Offsite replica

Dedicated loan server with live replicas that can be accessed immediately

Agreed RTO

In the event of a disaster ensure you can access critical data, files, applications and settings from any device connected to the internet within a set time frame. Various tailored plans.

Offsite backup

Download data directly to your local storage anytime

Have your data delivered to you via a secure encrypted device

Capacity scales with your business

Automated monitoring

Pay only for what you need

Backing up data to another device or location allows for rapid recovery of files and software avoiding corruptions and ensuring security.

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