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Managed Network Services


Professional network management

Taking a step back to understand how your IT is performing, what are the opportunities and benefits you can capitalise on with the potential of transforming your operations and what areas of your IT systems may be at risk will help you stay in focus of your business goals. 

Our IT assessment not only looks at your systems health uncovering areas of vulnerability but also highlights areas for improvement assessing current technologies and processes and their potential to increase productivity and efficiency across the business.  

We aim to ensure that all your systems are running optimally, you have control over your IT investment, your IT setup meets your current requirements and has the potential to scale and meet future business needs. 

Safeguarding your business is a top priority for us and that is why our thorough IT audits cover areas such as backups, security related company policies, business continuity, servers and cyber security.  

With years of experience in advising, designing and building secure network infrastructures, IT IN BUSINESS is the managed network partner of choice for businesses who understand the importance of a constantly monitored and proactively maintained IT network .

The foundations of designing the ideal network support solution that its fit for purpose starts with an in-depth understanding of current business applications, goals and strategies and a thorough assessment of capacity and capabilities of the current IT setup and future needs.

What we do

Our network services

Fully managed  
Completely flexible  
Proactive monitoring  
Best practices  
Unlimited support  
Regular upgrades  
Relocations and restructures  
Global reach  
Security & compliance  
How we can help

Managed network features and benefits

  • Maximise workforce efficiency
  • Simple to manage single point of contact
  • Consistent performance across the board
  • Cost efficient long term strategy
  • Specialist knowledge and resources  
  • Peace of mind 
  • Mitigate risk  

  • Continuous internal imporvements
  • Competitive advantage 
  • Disaster recovery built in
  • Security first from ground up
  • On demand flexible access to upscale
  • Enhance application performance 
  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Secure and resilient networks 


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