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IT Audit

Three dimensional IT audit

IT Audit Services

Taking a step back to understand how your IT is performing, what are the opportunities and benefits you can capitalise on with the potential of transforming your operations and what areas of your IT systems may be at risk will help you stay in focus and get ahead of your business goals. 

Our IT assessment not only looks at your systems health uncovering areas of vulnerability but also highlights areas for improvement assessing current technologies and processes and their potential to increase productivity and efficiency across all levels of the business.  

Our comprehensive audit will help to ensure that all your systems are running optimally, you have control over your IT investment, your IT setup meets your current requirements and has the potential to scale and meet future business needs. 

Safeguarding your business is a top priority for us and that is why our thorough IT audits cover areas such as backup, security related company policies, business continuity, servers and cyber security.  

We follow agreed steps to complete a rigorous IT Audit of your infrastructure, technologies and processes and present you with a comprehensive analysis outlining key findings, recommendations and a plan of action.  

A visual representation of your network and a 36o view inventory will help us map out all elements of your IT Infrastructure. We then perform both manual and automated general security, reliability and performance reviews and an in-depth analysis of all elements of your setup. Our IT Audit will help to ensure your systems are protected against malicious activity, system wide downtime, data loss and that your hardware is reliable, efficient and secure.  

Upon presenting our findings and proposed solutions, discussing areas that need addressed we would be delighted to further work together and design a new fully aligned strategy that meets your business goals and establish a way forward.  

Our three dimensional

IT audit


we map out all elements of your IT Infrastructure then perform a general security review


we highlight and discuss areas of concern that need addressed 

plan of action

should you wish to go ahead with our recommendations we will be delighted to work on a new strategy and way forward

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