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Microsoft Azure for Small and Medium Size Companies

Migrate to the cloud with Microsoft Azure

London businesses of all shapes and sizes are making the most of Microsoft Azure in a variety of ways. Enabling a business to manage its IT infrastructure through a highly secure cloud, the need for physical servers is removed entirely.
This opens up multiple opportunities to reduce your overheads, all while benefitting from the innovative IT solutions constantly being developed by one of the world’s most respected software companies.

Microsoft Azure cuts down costs

Hosted in Microsoft’s robust data centres, Azure gives you reliable access to your server and software via an internet connection. This immediately removes the costs associated with on-site servers, such as expensive hardware and the electricity required for its continuous operation.
On top of this, you can say goodbye to costly cooling systems that are essential to the performance of physical servers, as well as maintenance contracts and repair fees. Essentially, your server is rented from Microsoft and receives updates and upgrades automatically as part of an affordable monthly fee.

Microsoft Azure increases productivity

As for Microsoft 365, you’ll be pleased to hear that the suite is integrated into Microsoft Azure. In fact, this versatile cloud platform comes with more than 200 products that facilitate modern working by maximising efficiency, collaboration, communication, and the solving of problems that stand in the way of sustainable business growth.

Microsoft Azure offers outstanding data security

Migrating to a trustworthy and scalable cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure is also an excellent investment in data security. If you have any misgivings regarding the cloud, consider how secure your data is when hosted solely within your own server. All it would take is a single cyber-attack or data breach and your confidential business information can become compromised in moments.

By migrating to the cloud, especially Microsoft Azure, you benefit from the highest level of data security thanks to military-grade encryption, two-tier authentication and a global incident response team that’s second to none.

Microsoft Azure allows hybrid infrastructures

Sometimes it’s necessary to retain your on-site server for various practical reasons. We have solutions that tightly integrate the best of both worlds, giving you the ultimate flexibility to make the technology work for your business. This means that you have the freedom to continue using your company’s existing resources alongside Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure protects your data against disaster

Even the most cautious and meticulous businesses can fall victim to disaster. Thanks to this cloud platform protecting your data against fire, flood, power cuts, hardware failure, criminal damage and lost devices, business continuity is guaranteed even if the unexpected occurs.

Ask us about Microsoft Azure

We’re huge advocates of Microsoft Azure and can help your London business to adopt it quickly, easily and affordably. This can include showing you how to use the system and ways to achieve the greatest return on investment from this constantly evolving cloud platform. To get started, please fill in the form below and we’ll respond within one hour.