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Multi-site Networks

Hybrid IT infrastructure that works seamlessly across geographical boundaries

Businesses needing to operate across multiple sites

Today’s business often needs to operate from multiple locations.

Geographical diversity and the demand for mobility create a whole new set of challenges for routine business operations. To compete in the global economy different sites, be they an office, laboratory or warehouse, all need to “operate like one”, collaborating on a single IT infrastructure irrespective of location or time zone.

We serve customers with operations on every continent. We have repeatedly proven that our technologies and strategies work across buildings and boundaries, and even some of the harshest and most hostile environments.
We have expertise in planning and redesigning traditional networks to span beyond a single site from branch offices to oil rigs.

If you are looking to expand or redistribute your operations nationally or internationally, talk to us first. Not only can we help you optimise your IT infrastructure, but we can also save you a considerable sum of money in the process.
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