Business IT support available in Slough

IT Support available in Slough

Complete IT management for growing businesses

For a complex business like yours with different systems and setup, using all kinds of technology, we know that what you need is more than just a break and fix approach to IT support. IT IN BUSINESS is a fully managed IT provider with over 14 years of experience in the industry. We help businesses across different industries to thrive in uncertainty and to make the most of their IT. 

We design and maintain reliable and secure IT infrastructures that boost efficiency and productivity. No matter where your staff or clients are working from we make sure they have access to data and systems they need anytime from anywhere. 

Did you know?

  • Slough has easy access to A4, M4, M40 and M25.
  • Slough Trading Estate is home to more than 400 businesses. 
  • Some of the international companies with head offices in Slough are Blackberry, Lego, Mars, O2, DHL and Burger King.
  • Slough Queensmere and Observatory shopping is the largest building for retail and commercial space.
  • Slough is twinned with a town in France called Montreuil.
  • From brickfields and agriculture Slough developed into an industrial town and now is has an information-based economy.
  • Slough is served by the Great Western Road Railway so it is only 30 minutes away from London.

For local business support and advice you can visit the official Slough Borough Council website.

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Did you know

London has been named the best city in the world for quality of life - but just how much do we appreciate our surroundings?

Between commuting grumbles and overcrowding complaints, Londoners might not always get the chance to take in some of the best things about their west London neighbourhoods.

Step in a few observations about Uxbridge . Situated in the outer borough of Hillingdon, this Metropolitan line spot is one of the area's busier locations, but has still managed to keep a local feel.

And although there's plenty to improve, like in every neighbourhood, getwestlondon thinks it's time we acknowledge the community for its good things and point out what makes people proud to be Uxbridge residents.

1. It has a community feel, even though it's a London borough

It's not very often an area in the capital can say there's still a community feel in their neighbourhood, but Uxbridge is one of them. Although it's within commuting distance of the heart of the city, people can still get to know their locals in the town centre.

2. It's on the Metropolitan line

Cool carriages, wider trains and being able to walk through the whole train to get a seat - who doesn't want all of those things on a hot summer's day during rush hour? Thanks to Uxbridge being on the Metropolitan line, all these perks are within reach. OK, there can be signal failures at Harrow on the Hill which make the journey hellish, but for the most part, this is one of the better trains to be on.

3. The Grand Union Canal is pretty beautiful

Have you had a stroll down the canal recently? It brings some of the most scenic views to Uxbridge and best of all, you can really explore your local area - and pubs - by taking those waterside routes. Whether it's on a bike, with the family or taking the dog, this is the perfect way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon and get outdoors. And it's free!

4. It now has a literary festival

Quietly but confidently on the rise, the area now has a brilliant programme of events which is part of the newly founded literary festival. Supported by Brunel University London, the fest draws in local talent (of which there is plenty), including authors, comedians and lecturers.

5. There are - wait for it - TWO shopping centres in the centre

Intu and The Pavilions, between them, have got residents covered. It's not just the coffee shop chains, or books and clothes shops, but also the indoor market which brings a whole host of little gift ideas perfect for Christmas. Plus, Intu regularly hosts events for children and students, so keep your eyes peeled for further discounts.

6. It's not far from Heathrow Airport

Want to jet away during the colder months? Heathrow is right on your doorstep. No extra trek to the airport to make the jet lag worse, you can just jump on a local A10 and be there in no time.

7. You can escape to the countryside easily

London can be hard work. Hours are long, work is fierce and just when you are feeling your most tired, you can expect to stand on your way home because a seat is as common as gold dust. But one huge advantage of living in the Hillingdon borough is that you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and escape to the country. Not only do spots like Ruislip Barn during the farmer's market make you feel like you're in the countryside, but it borders Buckinghamshire where you're spoilt for choice where rural scenery is concerned.

8. The variety of restaurants is endless

Fancy a swanky Italian setting? Or perhaps a deliciously spicy tandoori dish? What about grabbing a burrito on your lunch break? Uxbridge residents have it all covered when it comes to restaurant choice. With new places opening up on a regular basis, there is always something to tickle the taste buds in the town centre. Not to mention the fantastic selection of pubs a short drive away which are perfect for a Sunday lunch.