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Remote Support in London


Things are changing fast and one of them is the rise of Remote Support. This is happening not only in The Big Smoke, but here due to the size of the city a support technician could travel more than one hour without reaching you, and still not left the Squre Mile. This is why remote assistance has grown in popularity so much over the last years.

Let us review some advantages of remote support:

  • Reduced cost of remote support – for you because we “get there” immediately after you call us and your downtime is greatly reduced.
  • If you are travelling for business meetings, even in different time zones, we can still help you.
  • Remote assistance can be done in off-hours – the server might need some help at 10 PM, it is far easier for you if we can access remotely, no need for special clearances or someone to come from home.
  • You can select the best support team for you – You don’t have to pick a company that is next door, if you are located in Liverpool Street you do not need to confine your search to Moorgate or Tower of London support companies, you can search a wider area. But sometimes you will require their presence and it would be wise not to send a technician from our Stanmore office, so we send one from our Bevis Marks office, next to the Gherkin.
  • We are a green IT business for doing this and you help with that.
  • As well we can help you be more green by turning off your systems at certain times.

Remote Support in London or any city, is a sure way to save big and we highly encourage it.