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Desktop Anywhere


We invest heavily in our data-centre infrastructure and are committed to delivering a reliable, simple to use, yet feature-rich desktop and productivity platform tailor-made for your organisation. Our business model and expertise enable you to benefit from all these features via a simple, affordable, subscription plan.

  • UK-based and 100% private to you
  • Full access to your own desktop from any device – so desktop anywhere
  • Gigabit internet access – yes you read it right !
  • Zero upfront investment on hardware, software, high speed connectivity, security systems, installation & server-side maintenance
  • Support for all types of mobile and tablet devices
  • Comprehensive perimeter security includes intrusion prevention, content control, measures for data leak prevention, antivirus and anti-spam
  • Maximum physical security and environmental control
  • Total isolation from internal administration, security, commercial and political interference
  • Data mirrored across multiple servers for backup and disaster recovery
  • Our facilities are agile and scalable to allow you grow into the business you could become