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Plan B Solutions


Disaster Recovery Planning & Business Continuity

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business

  • if you suddenly stop getting emails?
  • lost track of every communication you’ve ever had?
  • lost numbers on your phone and events in your diary?
  • lost access to all files and departmental data?
  • learnt your backups never worked?
  • or that it takes days and weeks to get your business back up and running?

for example, do you know?

  • if you have a Data Recovery plan ?
  • where it is kept ?
  • that it works and the small print ?
  • the last time it was tested ?

Every one of our customers receive disaster recovery planning and best practices  free of charge, from your business-critical applications right through to end-user machines, if that is what you need to ensure your business continues. We will work with you to implement a comprehensive plan B solution and have agreed plans in place to ensure your business continues to work in the event of a disaster. Our unique range of “plan B solutions” include

  • near continuous disaster recovery 
  • restore to production options 2/4 or 8 hours
  • standby server hardware and/or standby client hardware incl. mobile devices
  • 24-48 hour laptop shipments to main cities worldwide
  • permanent failover options
  • cloud or on premise
  • support for legacy applications

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